Office Of Prime Minister Pledges Support To AfrEA Conference

The 8th AFrEA Conference that is scheduled to take place in Kampala Uganda during March 2017 is a great opportunity for us all to further the evaluation profession and practice in Africa.

The Uganda Evaluation Association (UEA) and Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) are working closely with the AfrEA Secretariat in Accra Ghana to put in place the necessary steps for holding a successful conference.

It is absolutely essential that the Conference organisation is well supported by the Government of Uganda to ensure ease of reaching out to stakeholders for active participation and financial support.

Thus, the UEA started by seeking for partnership with the OPM in co-hosting the conference which was officially granted in August 2016. The OPM is the Leader of Government Business in Parliament and is responsible for coordination and implementation of Government policies across Ministries, Departments and other public institutions.

We wish to invite the African Governments, especially those in the East African Community (EAC), to support participants from Governments and Voluntary Organisations for Professional Evaluations (VOPEs) to participate fully in the conference.

We look forward to see you in Uganda!


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    T. Woibah Suwo says

    Bravo distinguished UEA colleagues for the very hard work in securing the OPM, yea the Government of Uganda as a key partner. we will learn from your experience.

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      Nicola Theunissen says

      Dear Woibah, thank you for the positive feedback

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    Kennneth Otikal says

    I remember what our president said in the UEA organiization meetings, “We cannot pull out this event with out government’s support, we need the support of a government agency…..” Thanks OPM for taking the lead and for over all support. Bravo Albert!!!

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    Nankunda Hilda C.K says

    Thank you OPM. I am preparing materials for this event.

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